The Chauvel Forewords


As A.J. Hill, Sir Harry’s biographer noted, he “wrote no book, he had a contempt for showmanship and, as a field commander, gave too little thought to what is now called public relations; it could have been said of him as Kipling said of Lord Roberts ‘….he does not advertise’” (Chauvel of the Light Horse, 1987, p.xx).  But he did write something about many units of the light horse and the men who served in them.  At the conclusion of the war, Sir Harry was approached by a number of Light Horse units to write the Forewords to their histories.


These Forewords are gathered together here for the first time to illustrate the admiration and affection he had for the Light Horse units and those who served within them – those who were so instrumental in his operations in that theatre of the war.  The benefit of the World Wide Web provides us with the opportunity to link some parts of Sir Harry’s texts to visuals of some of the people and the things to which he refers.


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The Desert Mounted Corps


The 2nd Light Horse Regiment


The 5th Light Horse Regiment


The 7th Light Horse Regiment


The 9th Light Horse Regiment


The 10th Light Horse Regiment


The 11th Light Horse Regiment


The Desert Column


Australia in Palestine


With the Cameliers in Palestine


The New Zealanders in Sinai and Palestine