Biographical Note and Poetry: Dennis Scanlon

Dennis Scanlon was born on Anzac Day in 1943.  His Father was discharged from Military Hospital after the end of WW2 – and Dennis grew up watching his Dad suffer the consequences of injury and tropical disease which ultimately took his life early.  His Dad never talked about the War, and through the many hospital visits which were a part of his life until he passed on, never once complained.


His work life began in Livestock and Meat Marketing and ended after 45 years of an interesting and successful career which included National Livestock Manager of Computer Aided Livestock Marketing (CALM – from which Auctions Plus was developed), Marketing Manager for Australian Agricultural Co (AACo) and Livestock Manager for the Elders group in Queensland – his RM Williams boots and Akubra hats went with him to paddocks and saleyards, abattoirs, meat markets and butcher shops, and later into Board Rooms and Corporate Offices through Australia, Japan, China, Korea, the Philippines and Indonesia.


Essentially a ‘Bushie,’ he gained a great respect for the strength, honesty and sheer ‘working capacity’ of outback Australians.  He lived and worked with them in adversity and plenty – extreme drought to bountiful times of good seasons and markets.  Their tenacity and an ability to work on through the hardships of the Australian bush left him with a long lasting admiration for the ability to take the knocks and look for a better way of life.

Dennis Scanlon with Honor Auchinleck of the Chauvel Foundation Board and his poem dedicated to Sir Harry Chauvel - read it - and some of his other poetry by clicking on the links below

Retiring in 2003, he began to write – and the natural music which had been part of his life from very early, came out in the meter and rhyme of Bush Poetry.  His poetry, music and easy sense of ‘a good time with good people’ has seen his words respected in some very high places – and nobody has been more surprised than he is.


His volunteer work in Schools, Aged Care centres, the Mudgeeraba Light Horse Museum and major events around Australia, has amazed and humbled him.  He encourages all who share his poetry, to ‘write something every day – you can never imagine where your words may end up!’


Dennis and his wife Bev married in 1967, have four children, seven grandchildren and a great-grandchild due around Christmas.  Their lives are ‘brim – full to overflowing.’


With a strong faith and continued good health, he claims his poetry as a ‘gift’ – and delights in the sharing of it with ‘Bush’ hearted people: caring, sharing and giving human beings.


His response to people who share his poetry – ‘thank you for sharing my joy.’


He writes and presents from ‘the Bush heart.’

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