Harry Chauvel and the Queensland Mounted Infantry

Queensland Mounted Infantry


There's a very well-built fellow, with a swinging sort of stride,
About as handy sort as I have seen.
A rough and tumble fellow that is born to fight and ride
And he's over here a-fighting for the Queen.


He's Queensland Mounted Infantry-compounded 'orse and foot.
He'll climb a cliff or gallop down a flat.
He's cavalry to travel but he's infantry to shoot.

And you'll know him by the feathers in his hat.


                      - A B Banjo Paterson, 1900

Above: Major H. Chauvel, QMI. Image source: State Library of Queensland


Left: Full dress tunic: Major Henry Venn King, Queensland Mounted Infantry. Image Australian War Memorial


Right: QMI badge. Image source: Australian War Memorial