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A Visit to Devenish

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Two weeks before Anzac Day 2019 there was nothing on Devenish's newest silo. Then the artist Cam Scale came with his spray cans and cherry picker and painted a Light Horseman. On a previous visit we'd seen the First World War nurse on the far right of the two old silos and the contemporary nurse on the left hand of the old silos. Cam Scale paints with impressive realism and his figures stand out beside the old railway line as one of the most captivatingly unusual country war memorials.

Cam Scale's Light Horseman joins the nurses at Devenish

A man standing beside me looking at the silos remarked, "... wouldn't want to be scared of heights, would you?" " Remarkable," he commented as he turned, replacing his hat and returning to his car.

The Devenish Light Horseman has even put a smile on the publican's face at the Devenish Railway Hotel on the other side of the road from the silos. One of his customers remarked about the artist, '"He paints a good scene." The same customer remarked that the pub does "a good scone, or two!" The publican also has decent sized Anzac biscuits and I'm sure that he will do a good trade.

I believe that Melbourne artist Cam Scale won't disappoint art lovers. His command of perspective is excellent and he uses his paint to full advantage. Even the dribbles of spray paint add texture and realism to his work.

In Devenish it is Cam Scale's talented silo art that puts the theme of service back into regional identity. Nurses and Light Horsemen came from country areas such as Devenish and it is quite appropriate that they are commemorated where their descendants can appreciate and reflect on the artwork.

In a project conceived in 2016 GrainCorps supported the 200km Silo Art Trail, donating the silos as 'canvas for the artists'. International Street Agency Juddy Roller played its part in identifying the talented mural artists. The nurses and Light Horseman so far are the only mural-art representations of Service themes in Silo Art. Or is there more that I haven't yet heard of or discovered? With the speed with Cam Scale painted the Devenish Light Horseman, it could be that other surprises await us.

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