The Australian Light Horse Digital Collection - Memorials

Memorials and commemorations

Use the interactive map below to explore the various Light Horse memorials and commemorative objects.

Monuments range from Canberra’s imposing, greater than life-sized equestrian of the Desert Mounted Corp Memorial to the more understated, yet no less arresting Memorial to the Light Horse or Waler in Tamworth, New South Wales.


The early Light Horse memorials were often planned and commissioned at the instigation of former Light Horsemen and Mounted Infantrymen (or Cavalry officers in the case of the Cavalry Memorial) and with strong public support.  More recently, memorials result from local belief that the story of the Light Horse’s service during the First World War is as much a part of their community narrative as it is of the national Anzac Spirit.  Most memorials are located in the heart of a local neighbourhood, but at the Light Horse Park in Seymour, it is the bush itself out of which the Light Horsemen came that provides the background.


These are memorials to the courage, loyalty, endurance and resilience of the Light Horsemen and of  their bonds with their horses.

Embodied in each of these monuments are not just the men who served, but also the sculptors who created this tribute to them, and the community who commissioned that memorial.

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