Anthology Entry Criteria


We are looking for well-written and researched submissions that bring the Light Horse Story to prominence and give it a place in our military, cultural and social histories. We will be particularly interested in submissions that contribute original material and/or understanding to the Light Horse story.


We ask that you give a donation proportionate to the length of the story you upload.  We suggest per entry:


Under 500 words   $5.00

Up to 2,500            $10.00

Up to 5,000            $15.00

Up to 10,000          $20.00

Up to 20,000          $30.00

20,000 +                 $40.00

Terms and Conditions


More than one entry can be submitted.


Donate with your submission through the ‘Anthology entry’ page on this site.  To donate by direct debit or cheque, please use our ‘Contact Us’ form for payment details.


Entrants should ensure that their donation is appropriate to the word count of their entry or entries.


All entries must be submitted electronically in Word with the manuscript in 1.5 spacing, Times New Roman font size 12.


Writers should acknowledge the sources used and provide their references. 


Once the entry is submitted, the submission is final.  The entry may not be withdrawn nor any alterations made.


We cannot enter into correspondence regarding entries.


The stories of authors whose stories are shortlisted will be published on the website. Shortlisted authors will be required on request to submit a brief biography.


The Foundation retains editorial rights over all submissions.

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