The Lighthorse Today – and our forebears


Reflections by Major Duncan Munro (continued)

The Light Horse then rode mountain-bred Australian horses forged in the harsh conditions of the Australian bush, The Light Horse now ride in armoured vehicles designed to withstand environmental extremes in Australia and across the globe.


The Light Horse then were deployed across all three fronts of the Great War and developed a niche capability for Commanders in each theatre. The Light Horse now adapt to the diverse conditions and complex tasks on deployment in all current theatres, again providing a special niche capability.


The Light Horse then often served dismounted, separated from their horses for a time. The Light Horse now specialise in being able to conduct both mounted and dismounted operations.


The Light Horse then went to countries they had never heard of, to fight for a country (Australia) which had only just been born. The Light Horse now go wherever that same country asks them to and fights to keep it free.

The Light Horse cavalcade for Beersheba centenary at the Shrine (Creswick Light Horse)

The Light Horse then faced an uncertain future, they left behind friends and family. The Light Horse now still leaves behind friends and family, in order to secure a future for them.

The Light Horse today honours the tragedy and heroism of the past, respects the dedication and sacrifice of our present conflicts and strives towards a secure future.

As you join today’s commemoration of one our unit’s greatest victories, I encourage you all to remember the cost of the peace we enjoy and the vigilance we must maintain to preserve it.