Colourising the Light Horse - bring your old family black & white photos back to life....


Do you have a black & white Light Horse photo you would like colourised?  Help us raise funds for a statue of Sir Harry Chauvel.  Starting from $20.00, we can colourise your photo.  The price depends on the type of photo.  See further details and place your order using the form below

Horse and rider



Sergeant Majors


Horse and rider


Rider groups

Place your initial request using this form and we will contact you.  Do not send your image yet!  Colourisation results vary widely depending on the size, contrast and resolution of the original black & white image.



'Diggers': from $20.00

Mounted rider: from $50.00

Family: from $30.00

Sweethearts: from $25.00

Officers: from $35.00

Sergeant Majors: from $25.00

Horse and rider ('vignette'): from $30.00

Rider groups: from $75.00


Use this contact form to explore how we can colorise your photo(s):

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