In memory of Bill of the Sixth Light Horse Regiment 

1914 – 24  Aged  21: One of the Best


The West Australian (Perth, W.A.): Wednesday 3 December 1924, page 9

Lieutenant Colonel Cyril Hughes 1917 (Service Record)

In the Western Australian, Wednesday 3 December 1924, Page 9, Lieutenant-Colonel Hughes, the Deputy-Director of Works at Gallipoli wrote:


“In memory of Bill, of the Sixth Light Horse, 1914-24. aged 21; one of the best.” This is the epitaph engraved on a headstone surmounting a lonely grave under the shadow of Walker's Ridge, at Gallipoli. 'Bill' was a horse. He left Australia with the original Sixth Light Horse, and after the Armistice was concluded he was shipped to the Peninsula and became the special property of Lieutenant-Colonel C. E. Hughes and his Australian associates on the staff of the Imperial War Graves Commission. 'Bill' saw the job through to the end, and then died.

Colonel Hughes, who has arrived in London, said today that the work connected with the graves in Gallipoli had been practically completed, and only a few headstones had to be erected. The whole of the 44 cemeteries were in splendid condition.” [8]


In August 2015, when I travelled back to Gallipoli, a second time, for the 100 year Anniversary of the August Offensive I had several things on my ‘bucket list’. First and foremost was to find and photograph Bill’s grave. From Lieutenant Colonel Hughes newspaper article I knew that the grave was “in the shadow of Walker’s Ridge”. Fortunately a Tour Guide had made efforts to find out where the grave was situated and the group walked into private property not far from the Embarkation Beach. There, between two pencil pines, in the shadow of Walker’s Ridge, I found the grave and with tears in my eyes I was privileged to tell the story and to read Hughes’ tribute.




Right: “In the Shadow of Walker’s Ridge” Photograph by Anne Flood 7th August 2015




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