The material presented in the Anthology is accepted in good faith by the Chauvel Foundation.  Some of the material contains reports of eyewitness accounts that may differ from the official record or other histories.  Inclusion in the Anthology is not an endorsement by the Foundation.


Romani: The Battle that Saved the British Empire!


100 years ago – an Egyptian uprising meant Lighthorsemen had to saddle up again


1919 - Waiting to go Home


Empire Club Canteen – Kantara Egypt February 1919


A Century Ago - the 'Great Ride' to Damascus


The Stampede of '41


A little-known battle in the Jordan Valley: Abu Tellul


In the Footsteps of the First: 1st Australian Light Horse Regiment: The August Offensive Gallipoli 1915

90th anniversary of The Charge of Beersheba by Ken Curnow OAM


Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the charge at the battle of Beersheba