ANZAC Day 2018 - Special Page

The background image featuring four original Lighorsemen was taken at the front of the Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne in 1965, on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the Gallipoli landings. 


This page provides links to our Anthology entries relating to the centenary of ANZAC Day 1918.  The identity of each of these Lighthorsemen can be found enbedded in the image on our Facebook page.


Where the Light Horse were on Anzac Day 1918:


In Palestine, General Sir Harry Chauvel had just established his HQ near Jericho and his Desert Mounted Corps was about to launch what became known as the Es Salt Raid eastwards across the Jordan river.


On the Western Front, 13 LHR were providing battlefield reconnaissance to the Australian Infantry Divisions counter-attacking against the German Spring Offensive in France (including for the 5th Div at the famous Villers-Bretonneux battle). That part of 4 LHR now forming  XXII Corps Mtd Regt were doing likewise at the battle of Mont Kemmel near Menin in Belgium.