"And the horses too were scared"


The sun shone down upon them

They were boys and mates and men.

Some had written to their darlings, though some had still to pen.

All knew what they were to do now, but could they rise again?


They spoke of loved ones back home, and being on the farm.

Talk was of the girl they loved and how they’d won her charm.

They all remembered dancing and her being on their arm.

They knew what to do now, so that she may see no harm.


The bugle now has sounded, grab boots and 303.

Walk across the desert sands and confidence you'd see.

Courage, mateship, pride I'd think you would agree....

They'd want to be somewhere else today and call in absentee.


Take the saddle, use the cloth, and position that old bridle...

Settle mate, easy girl, I know it's suicidal.

Today we'll hit em hard, riding fast and you'll become my idol.

Wave on wave we'll come in numbers, it'll seem as though it's tidal.


Stop and think now, in the middle, just how they must've felt.

Blood & death & hopelessness is what they had been dealt.

To charge upon a machine gunned enemy - their confidence would melt.

But their bravery won't ever be denied, it'll always be heartfelt.


Now the horses, oh the horses, they're bloody legends too....

Fast & furious they travelled till under guns they flew.

They needed to take Beersheba, they needed to push through.

Charging straight ahead they went, cause the waters all they knew.​


See the Walers hadn't drunk in days. It had become almost unheard.

But the men they shared their water, so the horses weren't deterred.

And the courage of these two great friends - horse & man had stirred.

The 4th & 12th made their name as soon as they got word.


Now I don't know my history, but this I do know well.

That when guys go into battle for you, my heart it starts to swell.

The lighthorse suffered beyond endurance and some their riders fell.

So on this day the 25th, this story I'll try and tell.


How horse & man became great mates & fought for you and I.

Their courage & commitment, well that's something you can't buy....

War is something I don't know, and some will ask you why?

But I know every soldier that's gone, did always always try.


So when you go to sleep tonight and know that you've been spared.

Remember all the diggers fighting, because they let our peace be shared.

Think about the horsemen & how they charged & fought & dared.

And remember those mighty horses, because they too were bloody scared......


John Settree



Lest we forget.