Boer War Memorial: Allora

A fine example of commemorative sculpture can be found at the Boer War Memorial in the small town of Allora, lying on the New England Highway between Toowoomba and Warwick.  The Memorial is the oldest Boer War memorials in Queensland.  It was unveiled by Colonel Chauvel on 19 August 1904.  A memorial at Gatton followed in 1908 and in Brisbane in 1919.  The figure of the Queensland Mounted Infantry soldier on the Allora memorial was beautifully sculpted by well known late 19th century  New South Wales sculptor William Priestly MacIntosh. In his speech Colonel Chauvel the significance of erecting memorials:


With the British race, more perhaps than with any other, the spirit of veneration for those who gave their lives for their country is very pronounced...This spirit was brought home to me immediately after the South African War when ...I toured the battlefields of Natal. I came across everywhere parties of British officers arranging to erect memorials...Incidentally these suggested to me the idea of erecting a memorial cairn on the first battlefield of my own regiment; with the result that there stands on a rocky kopje in the north of Cape Colony...the first Australian War Memorial erected on a battlefield.[1]


This sculpture is a significant landmark in the development of Australian commemorative artwork.