A Little-known Battle in the Jordan Valley: Abu Tellul


Honour Roll 1st Light Horse Brigade 1 – 16 July 1918 [7]

1st Light Horse Regiment - NSW

Shoeing-Smith Raymond William Chappell

Trooper William Caldwell

Sergeant John Ellerton

Trooper Thomas Lindsay

Corporal George Schadel

Corporal Thomas Scott

Trooper Henry Heath

Corporal Donald Lucas

Captain Eric Charles Battye

Trooper Michael O’Donnell

3rd Light Horse Regiment  – South Australia and Tasmania

Trooper Roy Herbert Dunham

Trooper Kenneth Inglis

Machine Gun Section

Trooper John Robert Murray (Victoria)

2nd Light Horse Regiment - Queensland

Trooper William Thomas Anderson

Trooper William Edward Bunkum

Farrier Sergeant James Artemus Chambers

Trooper George Frederick Cornick

Sergeant John Cowie

Corporal Albert Hellmuth DeBerg

Sergeant James Robinson Geddes

 Sergeant Frederick Wallace Grau

Gunner Walter Joseph Edward Gridley

Trooper Charles James Grieve

Captain William John Handley

Trooper Thomas William Hildebrand

Trooper Patrick Ravenhill Hulbert

Trooper Victor Carlton Irish

Lieutenant William Keith King

Trooper Lawrence Raymond O’Connor

Lance Corporal Tom Alexander Ogg

Trooper William James Peach

Trooper Bertie George Rixon

Trooper Ernest Edward Sweedman

The soldiers were buried ‘In the Field” and their graves are now located in the Jerusalem War Cemetery.


This article is based on Chapter 27 of Anne Flood’s second book “In the Footsteps of the First: History of the 1st Light Horse Regiment 1916 – 1919”. This book tells the story of the 1st Light Horse Regiment, her grandfather Trooper Frederick Henry Wood’s Regiment, in the Sinai and Palestine through the words of the commanders and men of the 1st Light Horse Regiment. The book will be published early 2018. [9]



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