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The material presented in the Anthology is accepted in good faith by the Chauvel Foundation.  Some of the material contains reports of eyewitness accounts that may differ from the official record or other histories.  Inclusion in the Anthology is not an endorsement by the Foundation.

Upper  Murray ANZAC 1919-2019

Light Horsemen of the Upper Murray


100 years ago – an Egyptian uprising meant Lighthorsemen had to saddle up again by John Boyce

Seizing Damascus – Megiddo and beyond, 1918. An edited transcript of the presentation by Dr Jean Bou, Australian National University, at the Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne, 25th September 2018


Book Review: Neil Dearberg, Desert Anzacs: the Under-Told Story


1919 - Waiting to go Home


Harry Chauvel and Rose Creal: Leaders in their own right


Empire Club Canteen – Kantara Egypt February 1919


Christmas 1918


General Sir Harry Chauvel’s Wartime Christmases


‘He never forgot he was a Light Horseman’ by Claire Hunter


General Sir Harry Chauvel, GCMG, KCB (1865–1945) by James Maberly


Light Horsemen Welcomed Home by Anne Flood


Commemorating the Armistice 100 years on


A Century Ago - the 'Great Ride' to Damascus


Book Review: Sydney Grammar School and the South African Boer War, 1899-1902 by Matthew Glozier


'Salamn' - a poem: provided by Stephen Masters


A visit to the Middle East – May 2018 by Philip J Powell


Anzac Day 2018


Midnight the Warhorse


A poem by John Ferris: The Charge at Beersheba


That's Enough Freddy From!: A Review


Creating "A Visual Arts investigation into the history of the Australian Horse at war": my motivation by Susan McMinn


The water of the wells - Beersheba 1917, by Jack Drake


The Stampede of '41


Susan McMinn to show work with renowned artists


Speech by Dr Jean Bou at the Launch of The Light Horse Exhibition: Australians in the Middle East 1916-18, Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne, 27 October 2017


90th Anniversary of the Charge of Beersheba by Ken Curnow O.A.M.


Martin Balsarini at the Charge of Beersheba


Major Harry Worthington GMVC by Alan G Henderson PSM AM


The 100th Anniversary of the Charge of Beersheba - by Kathleen Curnow


Commemorating the Light Horse Across the World: A Reflection with Reference to Chauvel’s Letters and Written from Photographs, Diaries and Travels


The Chauvel Bible Entries


The Horses Stay Behind - from The Magazine for Anzacs - Kia-Ora-Coo-EE, November 1918


General Sir Harry Chauvel, GCMG, KCB in the Boer War


In memory of Bill of the Sixth  Light Horse Regiment.  1914 – 24  Aged  21: One of the Best


The Lighthorse Today – and our forebears: Reflections by Major Duncan Munro at the Beersheba Commemoration, Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance, on 31 Oct 2017


General Sir Harry Chauvel’s Beersheba.  Based on talks to members of the Light Horse Memorial Park Inc. (Seymour) & The Rotary Club of Seymour on 27 & 30 October 2017.


Dr. Anne Flood's presentation to The 2017 Leeton RSL Commemorative Dinner marking the 100th Anniversary of the charge at Beersheba


Our students wrote a book


Grandpa on the Road to Damascus


When Dave met Therese


An address by Mr Philip Powell at a service Commemorating the Centenary of the Battle of Beersheba and the Re-dedication of the Ceremonial Sword of General Sir Harry Chauvel (at Christ Church, South Yarra, Victoria on 15 Oct 2017)


Dennis Scanlon - a bush poet and his poetry


Frank Massie, his map of the Charge at Beersheba and the Bednall Papers


A little-known battle in the Jordan Valley: Abu Tellul


In the Footsteps of the First: 1st Australian Light Horse Regiment: The August Offensive Gallipoli 1915


The Great War: Racing and the 'Great Ride'


Where Light Horsemen Lie


Rupert Curnow, who rode with the 8th Light Horse and served his community until well after WWII


A Lone Lighthorseman


An interview with Mary-Anne O'Connor, author of 'Gallipoli Street'


'Kangaroo Feathers' - a poem by Dominic Sheridan


'And the horses too were scared' - a poem by John Settree


An ANZAC Reflection


I actually met some of the original Lighthorsemen


Graeme Smith's 2017 ANZAC Day speech in Torquay


David Holloway's 2017 ANZAC Day speech in Queenscliff


The Chauvel Forewords: a collection of words penned by Sir Harry in their unit histories


Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the charge at the Battle of Beersheba


The Lieutenant Clarence Tongs image collection by 'Trainiac' on Flickr


Harry Chauvel and the Queensland Mounted Infantry



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