Sir Harry’s Foreword to the 9th Light Horse History: ‘With the Ninth Light Horse in the Great War’, authored by: Major Thomas Darley in 1924 and published by Hassell Press in Adelaide.


I have been greatly honoured by being asked to write an introduction to the History of the 9th Australian Light Horse Regiment, which was included in my Command during the Great War of 1914-1918, from the 16th March, 1916, to the conclusion of the War. The great traditions which it had already established on Gallipoli were more than sustained in the Egyptian Theatre of the War. Very early in 1916, the Regiment, under Lieut.Colonel W. H. Scott, C.M.G., D.S.O., provided the greater bulk of the Force which took part in the Jif-Jaffa Raid. This raid was of importance as it was the first demonstration of a swift and successful blow by Lighthorsemen across many miles of waterless desert. The Regiment has also the unique distinction of being the proud possessor of the only Regimental Flag captured from the enemy during the whole campaign. From the Battle of Romani to the Capture of Damascus, the Regiment always bore its share of the fighting, hardships, and sacrifices, whether the piece was set in the Desert of Sinai, the cold and wet of the Judean Hills in mid-winter, the scorching heat of the Jordan Valley, or the fertile plains of Syria. No words of mine can do adequate justice to the skill, courage, and determination of the officers and men of the 9th Australian Light Horse Regiment, and it is always with pride that I look back on my long association with them in the stirring days of the E.E.F. Campaign.



Late Commanding

The Desert Mounted Corps.

Army Headquarters,

Melbourne, December 4, 1923.