Sir Harry’s Foreword to the ‘History of the 7th Light Horse Regiment’, authored by Lieut-Colonel J. D. Richardson D.S.O., and published in 1919 by Radcliffe Press: Sydney.


I have been greatly honoured by being asked to write a few words introduction to the History of the 7th Australian Light Horse Regiment.


Raised in New South Wales in 1914, the Regiment was early in the field, and took a prominent part in all the important operations in the Egyptian Theatre of the War.  It first came under my command on Gallipoli in November, 1915, and continued therein until the conclusion of the War.  At the Battle of Romani, it was largely due to its stubborn defence and spirited counter-attack under the leadership of Lieut. Colonel (now Brigadier-General) G. Macarthur Onslow that the victory was so complete.  At the first Battle of Gaza, it was this Regiment that led the Anzac Mounted Division through the night to its position in rear of the city, and which captured the new Commander of the Gaza Defence,* who was on his way to take up his command.  During the Battle of Beersheba and the pursuit which followed the Regiment sustained the fine traditions it had already established for dash and gallantry.  In the raids across Jordan and throughout the long summer of 1918 in the Jordan Valley, it bore its share of the fighting and the hardships, from the bitter cold of Gilead in mid-winter to the scorching heat of Jericho in July.  Under Lieut.-Colonel J. D. Richardson it played a brilliant part in the final victory, which destroyed three Turkish Armies and brought Germany's Allies out of the War.


The Regiment suffered many casualties in battle and through the ravages of disease, and those of its numbers who are left are scattered throughout Australia, though many are still serving in the Militia Forces.  I congratulate them all on their achievements during the War, and wish them every success in whatever spheres of Iife they are now engaged in.


Harry Chauvel


Late Commanding Desert Mounted Corps


* see Gullett, Vol. VII, Ch. XVII, p.268-269 for recounting.